Graeme Lorimer translator

Over the years I translated millions of words into Italian. Mainly operation and shop manuals, for all kinds of machinery, from nautical GPS devices to large engines for ships and power plants and electrical generators for the alternative energy industry.

Fast, precise and reliable

A  technical translator with a special love for IT , machines and renewable energy

Graeme Lorimer has been in the technical translation field for many years. Actually he started translating when he was still in college and translators used typewriters and computers were still to come.
His first translation, was done on an Olivetti Lettera 22, and, believe it or not, it was about computers. It was 1981 and Italian terminology for computers was still in the making. In 1985 he bought the first computer, a so called ‘cinesino’ a PC assembled with parts made in Taiwan running on MS-DOS 2.11, and from then it was love at first sight. Localisation of many popular software packages, translations for the telecommunication industry, hardware and software, machinery, PLC, refrigeration, solar technology and environmental sciences, these are the main fields of translation and localisation.
Student in linguistics at the University of Zurich, Switzerland, Graeme Lorimer  was for many years a journalist and publisher for language teaching materials, but even then always translated, and since 1998 he is a full time Italian freelance technical translator.

Graeme Lorimer has been active for many years as translator, terminologist and project manager, and yes, problem solver. In the transition phase from typewriters to computer software and computer aided translation (CAT) many problems were presented to agency owners, freelancers. Graeme Lorimer spent many hours on the phone imagining what the person he was speaking with was seeing on the screen and solving that special lost file problem, or missing tag. Still today many collegues rely on his ‘hands on’ expertise, to solve last minute problems or particularly obscurly formatted files that need translation.